Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Defragmented / Herr der Fragmente

Completed every fragment category.

Use this site for the clock paradoxes in Oerba.

Every guide I found for the quizzes in Academia was incomplete somehow, so I figured, the fastest way to get all the answers is by just googling the question. Keep in mind, that even the Heads or Tail questions have a determined right answer. For Captain Cryptic's locations check this map. If you can't find him, just leave the world and re-enter, his location will change and you can check again.

For the Lucky Coin Fragment in Serendipity save in front of a slot machine, then fix your L1-Button with a rubber band. If you have enough coins, you can leave it run over night. It doesn't matter how much you lose, it just counts the wins for this fragment (if you lost everything and didn't get the fragment, load and try again).

If you're missing the completion of Travel Guide: Academia, it's probably because you're missing some areas in Academia 500AF. Here, it's not necessary to reach all the platforms, it suffices to glide (Fragment Skill) or jump towards them. Even if you don't reach the platform, if you get close enough the area will lighten up.

That should be the most troublesome fragments, but if you still need help with any other, let me know!

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