Sonntag, 25. März 2012

LA Noire: Auto Fanatic

Auto Fanatic
Drive every vehicle in the city.

Search for the International Metro KB1M at LA BREA in West Hollywood.

For the Chevrolet Tow Truck just do the Spawning Trick (Menu -> Extras -> Click X on the missing vehicle -> Go to Case Files) but then don't start free roam on the Homicide desk, do it on Arson. It spawned for me right away in front of the police station.

International KB5: It spawned for me on the bridge over the LA River all the way to the East.

Packard Custom: Under the Arson Desk do the Street Crime "Hot Property". At the beginning of the chase a car crashed at the entrance to the parking lot. That's the one you're searching for.

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