Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

Fallout New Vegas: The Courier Who Broke the Bank

The Courier Who Broke the Bank
Get banned from all the Strip's casinos

The easiest way is to start a new game and skill your LUCK at the beginning to the limit, then rush to the Strip. You can win the 2.000 caps needed for entering at the Atomic Wrangler (tactics below). With that much luck you win almost every time and I reached the limit in the Gomorrah in about 15 minutes - without the saving/loading thing.

If you don't want to start a new game, try this:
Simple but annoying as almost every trophy depending on luck. Your best bet here is to play Black Jack. Your highest pool is 200 coins and that's the amount you should invest in every round. Try your luck and stop at a card worth 17-20 and risk something by doubling when having a worth of 9-11. Also keep in mind that you can split your cards, if you happen to get two of the same.
Furthermore, after you win 400 coins or more, exit and save. If you lose more than a thousand coins, it's definitely faster to load your save and wait the one minute cheating time.

Gomorrah - 9,000 Chips
The Tops - 10,000 Chips
Ultra-Luxe - 15,000 Chips
That's as high as it gets for you and your gambling and the only useful thing you get during this time is the armour in the Gomorrah casino.

I wish you luck!

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