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Fallout New Vegas: Desert Survivalist

Desert Survivalist
Heal 10,000 points of damage with food

Take the advice from someone who tried it the other way - take the easy road:
Start a new game and concentrate your skills on full LUCK and SURVIVAL. Now play towards the Strip, only doing the main mission and very fast ones along the road. Everytime you level up use your skill points just for SURVIVAL (and maybe some for Speech, which will make some quests a lot easier like the one in Boulder City). In the end, I was Level 8 with a Survival skill of about 90 + 3 Lad's Life Magazines, which I picked up along the way (there are two in Goodsprings).
When you reach the Strip, your only problem is money. With selling everything I had I piled up about 3.000 caps - by far not enough. But with your enormous LUCK, you can ruin the Atomic Wrangler and the Gomorrah and that's about the amount you need. Enter the Ultra-Luxe and head for the restaurant, where you can buy food. Wait for ~72 hours (by pressing select), then buy again after it restocked. I assume you'll need to buy about 20 times everything, but you can try it out and project the result by checking your Desert Survivalist progress in your PipBoy.
So when you think you have enough food, leave the restaurant and go through the door right across the hall into the baths. Jump into the pool and wait until your air runs out and you take health damage, then start eating until you reached your full health, turn off the PipBoy and turn it back on immediately after taking further damage. Keep that up until no food is left or the trophy pops up.

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